Supplies for Class


Sewing Machine in good working order
Thread to match fabric
Rotary Cutter

Cutting Mat
Seam Ripper
Pins and safety pins

22 sandwich sized bags and mark them A thru V

Piece of flannel that is at least 46" x 66" to use as a foldable quilt wall.  A flannel backed vinyl tablecloth will work good.

masking tape to tape flannel to a wall



Fabric Requirements

9 fabrics    yellows, oranges & reds       1/2 yard each

1 fabric      blue                                      1 yard

1 fabric     border print                            1 yard


Initial Fabric Cutting
Cut the following strips before class
Cut 8 - 1.5" wide strips of all 10 fabrics
You will cut additional strips later as you need them.  All of the strips are 1.5" wide.


46" x 66"