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Tranquility is a true work of art, combining traditional techniques with a touch of modern design. 

Here is a breakdown of the design element in the quilt:

Blocks:  Half-Square Triangles and Square-in-a-Square Blocks: These classic blocks are the foundation of the quilt, offering a mix of simplicity and complexity.

Carpenter Stars: They serve as a striking focal point.  The transition from the large star to the smaller ones is indeed a test of precision and planning.


Stripped Fabric Borders: These borders add depth and frame the quilt beautifully.

Half-Square Triangle Borders: They echo the quilt’s core patterns and bring cohesion to the design.

William Morris’s Bird Fabric Border: This distinctive border gives the quilt a unique signature, making it stand out.

Fabric Choice:  The Original Morris & Co Fabric Line, Emery Walker: The intricate patterns and rich colors of William Morris fabrics will undoubtedly elevate the aesthetic of the quilt.

Size:  At 57" x 57", the quilt is a perfect size for both piecing and quilting, making it a versatile piece for display or use.

Techniques:  Traditional piecing methods will be used, emphasizing the importance of accuracy in cutting and sewing.

Flow and Balance:  The design flow is crucial, especially in connecting the large star to the smaller ones.  Color and pattern balance is key to achieving a harmonious look across the quilt top.

Quilting:  The quilting technique can either complement or enhance the design.  Whether you choose straight-line quilting, free-motion quilting, or a mix, it will add texture and dimension to the quilt.

Remember, the process is just as important as the final product.  Enjoy every stitch and the creativity it brings.  Your passion for quilting shines through in the thoughtful design of “Tranquility.” Happy quilting!

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