Supplies for Class


Sewing Machine in good working order
Thread to match fabric
Size 80/12 sewing needles
Rotary Cutter
Quarter Inch Ruler (must have)
Scotch Tape
Seam Ripper
Glue Stick
Fabric Scissors
Paper Scissors

Copies of the paper-pieced patterns for the star will

be provided in class.



Fabric Requirements (pick your own colors)
A.   Blue Print (background)                    1-3/4 yard B.    Red Print (borders)                                1 yard C.    Dark Red                                             1/4 yard D.    Pink                                               1/2 yard E.    Solid Red                                            1/4 yard F.    Dark Green                                     1/2 yard G.    Yellow                                                1/4 yard H.    Dark Blue                                        1/4 yard I.    Gold                                                  1/4 yard J.    Medium Blue                                   1/4 yard K.    Medium Green                                     1/8 yard


We will be concentrating on paper-piecing the central star during class. 

Before class, cut the fabric for the star as listed below.

Taffy's Star

30" x 30"

Taffy's Star  - in Stonehenge Fabrics

Some Alternate Colors and Borders